$ 30 billion in 2 days, or as XRP overtake ETHEREUM

Over the past 48 hours, the total capitalization of the crypton rose from $ 198 to $ 228 billion as a result of a pulse caused by an XRP jump by more than 80% over the past day, thanks to which they could briefly go to the second rating position, shifting Ethereum.

In general, the cryptocurrency market is greatly revived, reflecting an increase in daily volume from $ 10 billion to $ 21.5 billion. Most of the coins added 5-15%. Bitcoin’s course rose by 4.37%, exceeding $ 6700. However, the main event was the excitement around the XRP, thanks to which its price reached $ 0.79, and is now traded in the area of $ 0.67. Ethereum also showed the result of 8.63%, but this was not enough to hold the position of the second largest virtual currency. However, the subsequent correction returned the previous placement of positions.

Market growth has led to the statement of SEC on the official resumption of consideration of Vaneck and Solidx applications for the launch of Bitcoin-ETF and inspiring the XRP dynamics, which was caused by a number of positive news. Ripple entered into an agreement on the use of Xcurrent product with a large American PNC bank. The company also announced the launch of the new XRAPID technology. Previously, the Japanese Financial Group SBI and the largest Arabian

The restoration of the positions of XRP and ETH created a powerful impulse, which, according to experts, may be enough for a month. Many people expect a medium-term growth and an increase in the BTC course to $ 9,000 to the end of October. This should be promoted by the return of most investors to the market due to the formation of safer conditions on the crypton.

Recently, the fourth largest financial company in the world Fidelity Investments stated that by the end of 2018 plans to launch a whole series