A large Chinese bank has invested $ 1.3 billion in the issuance of securities in the blockchain

The Chinese State Bank of Communications announced the completion of the release of securities with a mortgage coating (RMBS) about $ 1.3 billion, using its patented blockchain.

In addition to the Issuer itself, CHINA International Capital Corporation and two shopping bank of Kitia were made by the Issuer (guarantors). Transferring data on mortgage loans to the decentralized network allows each side to view information updates, to check due dwellity (DUE DILIGENCE) and conduct operations on equal.

According to the Chinese media, Bank of Communications since June 2018 began to use its own platform to speed up the issue of the issue of secured Central Bank, and from July to the blockchain data on mortgage loans. Other commercial banks of the Middle Kingdom also reported their intentions of the issue of securities in this way.

Russian banks also begin to use blockchain in their products. Recently Raiffeisenbank released