Alibaba introduced robot

Alibaba, a Chinese e-commerce giant, developed a high-tech Space Egg Robot, which will start working at the Hangzhou hotel in October.

The robot presented at the computer conference has a curved housing, hiding wheels, and for navigation uses cameras and a laser. Its height is slightly less than meter, and the maximum speed is only 1 m / s. Unlike models of other assistant robots that perform the simplest tasks, Space Egg is of much higher functionality.

It is equipped with a Tmall Genie artificial intelligence system, working similarly to Alexa. The AI is also integrated into the hotel’s digital devices, which allows guests to use voice commands to order, which is then delivered by Space Egg. The robot-receptionist itself communicates with the help of built-in speakers.

Alibaba representatives say that now work on a decrease in the processing time of the guest request and the answer of the robot. The company also plans to produce similar assistants for hospitals, restaurants and offices. So far, automated systems are not very common in the hotel business, but the developers of Space Egg say that their product will help to maintain even the most demanding customers as quickly and efficiently.

Robotization gradually penetrates all industries. Researchers of the University of Boston presented the prototype of elastic