Amazon will teach Alexa to determine the disease and mood of a person by voice

Amazon received an international patent for technology that will allow ALEXA assistant to analyze the voice to determine the physical and emotional state of the person.

The system will be able to fix deviations in speech to identify signs of illness or change in mood. For example, pain in the throat, cough, approval, crying or emotional excitement from a user can be at least partially determined by its conversation.

However, in addition to the algorithm for processing uncharacteristic damn character, it is planned to study changes in its tonality, trembling, harmony and even pulse. This will allow Alexa to determine happiness, stress, anger, sadness, boredom, disgust, and other states.

The technology is designed to ensure that the system can offer a person to buy goods and services that may be needed in its current state. It is not yet clear that the assistant will recommend to relieve stress, calm or on the contrary to cheer, but with a cold, will offer to order the delivery of medical drugs.

For the recommendations of the optimal option, Alexa will analyze the history of views and purchases of the user, the number of clicks. Next, the system will begin to combine these data with the criteria for context targeting.

The assistant will adapt to each person, studying his normal state and voice to then fix changes. The patent also says that the technology will be able to determine emotions and colds of any user, regardless of whether it is permanent.

However, not all amazing modern technologies are developed for advertising and promoting goods. Physicists from the University of Sussex presented