Apple co-founder announced his participation in the new block project

Steve Wozniak, the American inventor and co-founder of Apple will be part of the new project blockchain. This became known during the chainxchange conference.

After selling its Bitcoins, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak decided to participate in the blockchain project. He shared his thoughts with the public during the ChainXChange Block-conference held in Los Angeles.

According to Wozniak, he intends to work on the project, the main direction of which will be focused on the formation of relations in the investment environment.

As an example of proposals for investors, construction of apartment buildings in Dubai was presented.

Despite explicit enthusiasm, Steve Wozniak tried to avoid the issues about the project. In particular, Wozniak did not noted what position he will occupy. Will he be the leader or only an investor — not clear. In any case, the participation of such a well-known personality in the project will become a powerful engine of the popularity of the startup popularity.

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