Bancor launched cross-platform exchange between Ethereum and EOS

Bancor decentralized liquidity network announced the launch of cross-platform exchange between Ethereum and EOS blockchas.

After the project connected to the EOS network using a Bancorx decentralized application, network users can directly convert Ethereum and EOS tokens without the participation of the side of the side. In the future, developers plan to expand the number of supported blocks to expand the possibilities of cross-platform trading.

The co-founder of Bancor and the head of the business development department of Galia Benigns says that their goal is to create conditions in which users and developers will be able to work easily with that network that the most suitable for them. At the moment, Bancorx supports the exchange between the set of ERC20 and BNT tokens.

The press release also says that Bprotocol Foundation will invest $ 10 million in the EOS blockchain to encourage the development of the project and increasing the liquidity of the tokens. So far, the market is calmly reacting to the innovation, so the BNT course follows a common market trend. This may be due to the fact that Bancor has become one of the worst ICOs launched in 2017.

EOS recently is becoming increasingly popular. At its base, they begin to launch many decentralized applications and the coin begin to maintain more and more wallets, for example,