Baptnet-Lynchor began to delete Cryptovaya Cryptovaya Programs

Netlab has discovered a botnet that called FBOT, the only function of which is the complete cleansing of infected computers from malicious software that carries the cryptocurrency.

Researchers argue that FBOT uses blockchain-DNS instead of a traditional system, and is also clearly connected to the original Satori botnet. After a detailed study of the code and behavior of the linguer, it turned out that it was designed to combat the widespread Malicious COM.UFO.Miner program.

Despite the benign nature of FBOT behavior, experts fear that stripping is only the first stage of a larger plan. The work of the botnet requires the mass of time and money, so potentially now he can simply exterminate competitors to release the path for his own attacks. Doubts of researchers are also the fact of anonymous and gratuitous assistance to people.

As a result of the rapid development of botnet networks, government services recognized their impotence in independent struggle with them, and began to ask for help from white hackers. Perhaps some ethical programmers wanted to help solve problems associated with thefts of cryptocurrency and hidden use of computing capacities. So far, this is the first software that works in a similar way, but for understanding its true intentions will need time and close observation.

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