BINANCE UGANDA starts user service

The Binance’s largest cryptocurrency exchange announced the launch of its cryptophyatophy division in Uganda and the beginning of users of users in local shillings (UGX).

The company’s press release says that Binance Uganda customers will be able to replenish the deposit and output funds from October 17, and the KYC procedure is launched back on Monday. This branch became the first division of the company supporting Fiat. Initially, traders will be available only to BTC / UGX and ETH / UGX pairs, but in the future the site will expand the list of trading tools. To attract participants, during the first month, the platform will release users from paying commissions.

Financial Director Binance Ji Wei said that the company was engaged in preparing a project since April 2018 and this is only the first step in the introduction of blockchain technology for economic growth in Africa. The Ugandan platform uses the same technology as maternal, therefore, it is capable of processing up to 1.4 million transactions around the clock per second. In the nearest plans, cryptobiri includes the opening of units in Liechtenstein, Malta, Singapore and launch

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