BINANCE will launch a decentral version of himself

The General Director of the BINANCE trading platform Chanpan Zhao announced the launch of a decentralized cryptochegia demo.

In the message he says that it is too early to discuss concrete things or expect too much. At the moment, the product even has a graphical interface, and the preliminary version supports only the release, listing and trade in tokens. Also in the statement, nothing is said about the launch times, the start of trading and planned volumes.

Decentralized stock exchanges are considered more secure, as the operations are carried out directly between the participants, which eliminates the intervention of the platform and the concentration of huge funds at one point attracting hackers. Earlier, Binance bought an anonymous TRUST Wallet with an open source, supporting ETN and 20 thousand tokens at its base. He must become a default wallet for the future project.

The cryptocurrency market is considered unpredictable, but the economists of the Yale University disagree with this. They found