Bitfury and Synergy began to endure the results of the educational process of Russians on the blockchain

The University of Synergy and Bitfury Group have created a registry on a blockchain-platform for storing information on the results of the educational process, the documents on education and qualifications.

«Synergy» became the first educational institution that introduced technology into their activities. The university has already moved to the new register all data over the past eighteen years. Now the organization tests the final version of the product, and will soon add it to its official website, allowing you to familiarize yourself with it to everyone.

The innovation allows you to completely eliminate the possibility of manipulating data entered into the blockchain, it is easy to check the record history, the authenticity of the document and find out who added it to the registry. Then it is planned to integrate the technology into the entire educational structure of the university, ranging from enrollment of a student to its release. Over the next year, Synergy together with Bitfury will transfer the entire automated database of the educational process for each student to the platform.

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