Blockstream co-founder presented a method of scaling Bitcoin without Hardforka

Co-founder Blockstream Mark Fridenbach suggested a new Bitcoin network scaling concept, based on the algorithm of POW, which can be implemented using alternative registers without Hardforka.

The concept was named Forward Blocks and is based on the principle of «fragments», that is, adding new structural elements to the main blockchain. The solution will increase the volume of processed transactions in 3584 times, and integration can be carried out by software. The new model Mark Friedenbach has other advantages such as confidential translations, sizes, licensed block subsidies, support for the basic register for future updates.

It is proposed to introduce new chains with additional features and several POW algorithms. According to the developer, each adjacent blockchalter will be able to process transactions by transferring information about them to the main, and also have its own features. At the same time, the fragments will function independently from each other, but will be able to exchange data and synchronize.

The uniqueness of this concept is not so much in the growth of performance, but in the possibility of improving without the need to split the Bitcoin’s main network. It will relieve the community from disputes and provide complete compatibility with previous blocks. However, Mark Fredenbach proposed its development as a concept and as one of the alternatives to the development of digital gold, and not direct updates. According to him, this is a good base to reflect the group of optimizers.

Earlier, the Ethereum developer group also presented