has opened a pool for ether, the world’s largest bitcoins mining company, announced the opening of the mining pool for the production of ether.

During the last year, pool received 21% of all produced MTS, and at the moment its power exceeds 8202 pH / s, which is 16.3% of the complexity of the network. The statement says that mining ETN will be available, and users will be able to independently switch between them to increase profitability, responding to market changes. The company’s management believes that Ethereum offers many additional promotions to participants, and this will stimulate the interest of the prospectors. is one of the pools belonging to Bitmain, the largest manufacturer of equipment for mining. Over the next year, a significant increase in computing capacities is planned and the control of 12% of the Holsterite Ethereum network is planned.

Pula representatives are not worried that the decentralized platform intends to switch to a new consensus algorithm (POS). They say they are ready for this and will be able to quickly change the principle of work with the help of smart contracts and wallets. However, do not deny that it will require more complex design and extraction organization.

In addition to changing consensus,