Camera fixed 10 trillion frames per second

Ultra-cost visualization specialists from Caltech have developed a chamber that is capable of fixing 10 trillion frames per second in real time. With it, you can see even slow motion of light.

Engineers achieved such accuracy of shooting using a previously developed femtosecond chamber. However, it did not allow to get images of the required quality, so scientists have added another chamber making static pictures. Such an association allowed them to use the latest visualization and measurement techniques for high-quality fixation to ten trillion frames per second. The device received the name T-Cup.

Today, the invention Caltech has installed a new world record in real-time shooting speed, halved surveading the Swedes. Such a jump allows scientists to enter a new level of research in the field of biomedicine, metal science and even study the interaction between light and matter in high temporal resolution. Engineers hope that their device will help to discover many secrets of nature, which were previously not confirmed or even unknown.

Researchers also found a way to improve the treatment of damaged nerves, creating