China intends to protect its water territory with satellites

China will build commercial satellites for the monitoring of «every reef and the ship» at the disputed territories of the South China Sea to protect the national sovereignty and support the initiative of the Chairman of the PRC of Jinping.

The monitoring network, which is completed by 2021, will cover the zone to the Indian Ocean and the part of the Malacca Strait. According to China, this decision will allow them to take the initiative to delimit the territory and the solution of controversial issues.

A total of six optical satellites, two hyperspectral satellites and two radar satellites will be released on the «weapons» territory. According to South China Morning Post, they will follow the waters on the contested territory in real time, as well as several times a day, monitor the key areas of Hainan Island.

Jan Tianlyan, director of the Institute of Remote Sensing of the Academy of the Sanya City, believes that the network will allow the authorities based on Hainan, accelerate their emergency response and more effectively manage the territories in the South China Sea. Additionally, the satellite system will improve the management of intelligence work in the field of fossil production.

At the first stage of the program, three optical satellites will be launched in the second half of next year. They will be equipped with optical remote sensors, vessel identification system and cameras intended for observing the surface of the ocean.
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