China launched the identification system for gait and body shape

The Chinese authorities began to introduce software that analyzes the body shape and walking people to identify the personality, even when their people are hidden from cameras.

The Middle Kingdom police already use the system to control the streets of Beijing and Shanghai. The tool is a new step in the development of artificial intelligence and digital observation technology for citizens. The software developed by the WATRIX IT company is able to allocate people’s silhouettes on video and analyze their movements to create behaviors. For the system, special chambers or sensors are not required, it operates on the basis of an existing infrastructure.

Developers argue that the technology is capable of identifying a person’s personality, which is up to 50 meters from the camcorder in 94% of cases, even if it turns his back or his face is hidden. At the same time, the program can not be deceived by simply starting to lick, trying to change the gait or slouching, because it analyzes all the features of the body.

So far, the system is not able to work in real time. To identify the user you need to download the video and expect about 10 minutes to analyze 1 hour of shooting. However, the technology does not require such high quality image as to recognize personality to face.

In addition to the analysis of the gait, the program can be used to determine people who need help. Watrix also announced that she attracted $ 20 million to accelerate the development and promotion of the product.

In the future, automated systems will get more and more opportunities. Researchers allocate