CME Bitcoin Futures Market Grew by 43%

In the third quarter, on the Chicago Trade Exchange (CME), the average of 5 thousand bitcoin futures was traded daily, which is 43% higher than the previous quarter.

On CBoe and CME during this period, about 9 thousand contracts were totaled a total of about 9 thousand contracts. Despite the growing dynamics of the activity of the market, analysts say that the calculations on the VTS futures are now practically not affected by the course of the basic coin. This is due to the minor fractions in the total volume of contracts traded on the stock exchanges, the number of which is only at CME reaches 18 million.

The weakening of the factor of calculations on futures together with the lack of strong shocks of the crypton, led to the fact that in October the lowest level of Bitcoin volatility was observed for the entire 2018 year. The fluctuations in the courses of the PTS over 5% were fixed only once for a whole month.

Although this year May, June, August and September were also fairly calm. These months were only 3 days, when the price of digital gold changed by more than 5%. Today, the average monthly indicator is 4.7 days. However, many are expected that the situation will change dramatically after