CNBC analyst predicts Bitcoin’s growth

Brian Kelly conducted a study and came to the conclusion about the approximation of the next wave of Bitcoin’s growth.

According to Brian Kelly, the CNBC analyst, the recent rebound of coins from the minima is an increase signal. Almost all assets showed a profit above 6-7%, and Bitcoin’s prices struck at $ 6400 and until now, in his opinion, they look only up. However, at the same time, it is impossible not to note the rapid growth of one of the altcoins — Nano (about 34% per day).

Kelly believes that Bitcoin prices move up and that the previous drop to 6 thousand has become an excellent opportunity to be purchased on Nizakh. In his opinion, Bitcoin decreased due to the transfer of the decision on ETF Bitcoin from the SEC. Now the negative moods were fade, which allowed to open the path to growth. In addition, in his speech, he paid attention to the exit of the «shelf life» on the futures on Bitcoin. In his opinion, it was during this period that the cryptosocommunication can expect a surge in price activity. At the same time, the results of Bitcoin recently look like this:

According to Kelly’s analysis, Bitcoin is likely to grow for a long period of time. It will be subject to «bullish» sentiments, which also positively affect altkins. However, there are dissenters with his opinion. So, Trader Dan Nathan is confident that all events in the market indicate a decrease of up to $ 5,900 in the near future.

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