CoinBase will launch a cryptocurrency index fund for the poor

American Coinbase cryptobase introduced a whole set of innovations, including the Bundles Index Foundation, which consists of the five most popular coins and is accessible to everyone.

Bundles is a pre-prepared package consisting of Bitcoin (

The index fund will be available to users from the USA, the EU and the United Kingdom in the coming weeks. So far, only daily restrictions on the purchase of Bundles by one user are entered, but the total maximum amount is not set. Acquired packages will be stored in the Coinbase wallet, where they can be exchanged, send, sell or keep as an independent asset.

Another innovation will be adding a page with information about the top 50 cryptocurrents in terms of market capitalization, most of which are not available on the platform itself. The training section will also appear, which should help beginner traders to work with digital assets, understand the principles of their functioning and will contain answers to frequently asked questions.

Earlier, the platform changed the listing procedure,