Concern «Kalashnikov» is preparing the answer to Tesla

The concern «Kalashnikov» develops, the result of which the first domestic electric car can be. It is known that the technologies used in the work fully belong to the authorship of engineers of the company.

Representatives made statements that their development will allow the concern to stand in one row with such major manufacturers like Tesla. Design features and solutions of the car were created on the wave of inspiration with the experience of colleagues from the industry of environmental engineering.

The first prototype was built on the basis of the body of the car IL-21252, the combi model. Power indicators are 220 kW, and the total duration of the trip without recharging at this stage is limited to 350 km. The car system allows control over power supply and real-time control functions. The internal security system creates conditions for the implementation of power indicators within 1.2 MW.

Meanwhile, Ilon Mask thinks what can do