Conference of Robots in Beijing: Surgeon Robots and Other Wonders of Technology

World Conference of 2018 Robots (WRC) opened in Beijing on August 15. Over the past days, a huge number of companies have already demonstrated a number of achievements in the field of robotics.

On Wednesday, several types of robots were tested, their main tasks were tested — from the sphere of medicine. One example was the Robot Remebot, the car is an assistant surgeon. The robot can assist with the most complex operations, including on the brain. Another surgical robot, PHECDA (Tianji), specializes in the orthopedic area. It allows you to achieve maximum accuracy in operational intervention, and also helps reduce the effects of X-ray on the patient.


The developers presented a series of Aubo-I robots for the industrial sector. The machines will help to upgrade traditional factories.

Events of this scale will help to consolidate the leadership positions in the city and the country. In his speech, Dongjun also clarified that the scientific environment of Beijing has a clear plan aimed at becoming leadership positions in the robotics industry.

By 2020, the city expects income from the robotic industry in the amount of from 12 to 15 billion yuan. It is also planned to create ten leading enterprises for developing, build research headquarters and implement projects in the field of industrial robotics. At such a pace, by 2025 the city plans to reach an income of 60 billion yuan.

Meanwhile, scientists found out that