Contactless remote fitting: Project Imigize in Russia

Thanks to the scanners of the Imigize project installed on Runlab stores, users have the opportunity to get rid of errors when choosing a shoe.

Often projects emerging on ICO are limited to loud words on paper and collecting funds, which subsequently settling in the pockets of the Working Group. And if it comes to practice, only users of more developed countries can see the results in the overwhelming majority. Against the background of uniceceptive statistics, the domestic cryptosocommunity pleasantly surprised by the representatives of the Imigize project (number

Imigize is developing for remote purchase of goods. The main problem, over the decision of which the project team works, is assistance in fitting things during online shopping. The solution was the creation of special scanners, which read the biometric data of a person to subsequently compare with the exact parameters of things. At the output, the buyer can implement a «digital» fitting, which will avoid problems with the choice of size.

Special devices scanning a person’s leg appeared in Runlab stores in Moscow. The buyer contributes to the database and makes purchases online without misses with the size. The Imigize command offers the ability to scan based on your own Imiscan application.

And this is not the only innovation in the field of shopping: earlier we wrote that