Cosmos — place without sanctions: US planned to unite with China to explore the Sun

Chinese scientists shared the news that their device is a solar radio feliograph will be the key to cooperation with the United States. The device will work with the recently launched probe Parker Solar NASA. Its main task will be the help of American colleagues in the study of the Sun.

The Chinese spectral radio cell (CSRH), built in a quiet area of inner Mongolia in the north of China, Minant, consists of 100 antennas with various frequency spectra, covering the area of about 10 square kilometers. The device can capture solar energy for further study in their wide spectrum.

According to Yana Ihua, the President of the Sun Studies and Heliosphere

NASA PARKER SOLAR PROBE is the fastest space probe in history. Today, he performs a mission to study the Sun at the most closely, significantly exceeds any other aircraft for the study of space. During the seven-year service life, the probe will make 24 spans around the star. Work will be carried out within a radius of 6.1 million km from the surface of the Sun with the maximum approximation.
Collaboration in the field of space development and its study is almost the only link between countries. Earlier, we wrote about that as an answer to US sanctions