Created a quadrocopter who can walk

Researchers from Tokyo University created a quadrocopter with legs, which allows you to perform more physical movements and is intended mainly for entertainment.

So far, the unique invention is trained in walking so that it looks natural. For this, the system analyzes the surface and calculates the movement of the legs so that they correctly in contact with the Earth. However, while it moves exclusively at the expense of four propellers.

Designers work on the addition of a large number of degrees of freedom for the housing and legs so that the device can repeat the actions of the animation characters. The project’s creators believe that unusual behavior will provide a new visual effect and attract a lot of attention. In addition, such a model costs much cheaper than an ordinary two-legged robot.

Developers plan to use quadcopter with kicks for animatronic, and in perspective — in order to repeat the movements of the characters from the virtual reality in the physical world.