Created smart coating with selective absorption function

Scientists from the Canadian University of McMaster created a surface coating, which can absorb only one «target» substance, and all other repel.

We all know about special coatings that resist almost all substances falling on them. They can be used to protect technology from destruction or prevent bacteria to the kitchen. However, in some situations it is required to absorb some one particular component. Canadian scientists have found this task.

The team from the University of McMaster presented a surface coating, absorbing one «target» substance, simultaneously ignoring all the others. The invention includes safe lubricant and specific biomolecules that are able to bind to the necessary component of the environment, passing them. Such a combination provides the electoral effect and allows you to choose with which substance you need to react.

Inventors say that among other things, their smart coating will find use in medical implants. It will be able to repel blood and infection, reducing the risk of blood clots and infection, while interacting with muscles, organs or bone tissue to better fix and reduce the likelihood of rejection. The technology will also simplify the study of organic liquids, such as blood or urine, absorb only certain viruses, bacteria or cells.

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