Criminals not only launder money in cryptocurrency, but more and more trade her

Today, the dominant factor was speculation in the cryptocurrency markets. She came to replace attempts to escape from punishment through anonymity. However, this does not mean that the criminals stopped using Bitcoin. The total volume of transactions related to illegal use has increased significantly since 2013.

According to Lilita, infanta, a special agent from the US drug control, the ratio of legal and illegal activities associated with the turnover of Bitcoin has changed much.

Infanta believes that Darknet is the greatest interest in conducting investigations, since the «underground market» is one of the largest groups using Bitcoin as a payment instrument. Transactions are anonymous, so they are not easy to track, while decentralized accounting eliminates the need for banks and governments, which also means the lack of a company that could be caused to court during the investigation.

Darkweb, where illegal goods are sold, functions exclusively in cryptocurrency. The trend of last year is that criminal organizations, such as drug carriers, have become increasingly using digital currencies for their operations and money laundering for cross-border transfers, as it is cheaper, faster and much more secure for them.

However, it is worth noting that representatives of criminal circles prefer to work with cryptocurrency also in the field of speculation. Despite the fact that their activities largely support the stability of prices for digital coins, at the same time popular is the work on the creation of dumps, followed by fixing the profit or the game is reduced.

It turns out that the actual behavior of the cryptocurrency market largely depends on the needs of representatives of the dark side. Also, you should not forget the fact that while cryptocurrencies are volatile — they will remain a favorite means of speculators, the lion’s share of which is related to criminal syndicates.

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