CTO Ripple: «We are much more decentralized than Bitcoin or Ethereum»

Cto Ripple David Schwartz explained why the two first cryptocurrency capitalization are close to centralization.

Ripple Technical Director recently stated that XRP blockchain is more decentralized compared with Bitcoin and Etherium. In his blog, he tried to justify criticism to the XRP address, which many consider excessively centralized.

The main argument of Schwartz against criticism was given in the form of a parallel comparison with Bitcoin and Etherium, whose blockchas are currently considered to be a gold standard for decentralization. Schwartz indicates the dominance of several major mining pools, which possess the overwhelming majority of votes. In his opinion, this fact proves the centralization of projects.

Currently, 58% of the Bitcoin network is controlled by four pools. The situation of Etheric is somewhat different — 57% is controlled by three pools. Such indicators bring 51% projects to the attack projects.

In contrast to these projects, according to Schwartz statements, the XRP account is not at risk. Its consensus protocol requires that validators register and check transactions without any incentives and limited the weight of each validator with one voting.

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