Dark side Ethereum: Why he became a favorite coin of the scam

According to the reports of Kaspersky Lab, Ethereum has become the most popular coin among the calemen.

In addition to the exposure of dizzying earnings of the scams in the second quarter of this year, the newly published report from Kaspersky Labs showed that Ethereum has become a favorite coin for cryptocurrency fraudsters. Ethereum is an obvious choice for criminals, because the coin is part of a huge network, filled with potential to commit cryptoprest. In cryptocrugs, the Ethereum was repeatedly compared with sewers for hackers and cybercriminals, the nutritional environment of which allows them to pull out funds from their victims.

The report also states that Etherumer began to be used in social networks. In most cases, attackers offer a coin as a «gift» for making any action — joining the group or repost.

Of course, Ethereum was not created for these purposes, but at the same time, society also cannot deny the resulting problem. As a warning, experts urge users to abandon participation in the draws associated with ETH.

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