Developers from Skolkovo presented a convenient platform for cryptotrading

The developers from IC Skolkovo announced the launch of the Platform for Trade Cryptovaya TRADE-MATE.IO, which will allow the experienced traders to take advantage of a number of Smart Trade functions, and begin to connect to automatic trading.

Many of those who have invested in coins, tokens or mining equipment during the excitement period, have collided with a protracted decline and decided to reach loss. However, there are those who continued to earn all this time — traders. The virtual currency market volatility allows them to make profitable transactions regardless of the direction of the course movement. At the same time, half of operations from $ 10-20 billion daily turnover are performed using trade bots and other trade automation systems.

One of these platforms is

For experienced speculators, the service provides a number of Smart Trade features. Among them, you can select the possibility of simultaneously setting up to 5 Take Profit and Stop Loss directly on the schedule, free Dashboard setting, using the TradingView graph on the platform itself, with the configuration function.

In addition, users are available traveling mechanisms to maximize profits, a purchase price averaging function, to speed up the exit to zero by transaction, as well as detailed statistics of all transactions, with input and sales points.

For beginners and people who like to receive tips from experienced traders, the AUTO Trade feature was developed. It offers customers of the service to subscribe to them channels with signals from professionals and watch them transactions in automatic mode. The developers say that statistical data is confirmed by the profitability of the function, and the principle of its work is quite simple:

«Let’s say that you have connected a cryptocurrency portfolio to the platform, the estimated value of which is $ 1000, select 2 channels with signals with better statistics and specify in the settings that you give 50% of the deposit to each channel, as well as each signal 10% of the resulting limit, so on each received signal you will invest about $ 50 «

According to Philip Antonova’s technical director, in the near future, the service plans to enable any successful trader to lay out forecasts in his personal account, thereby monetizing their signals.

The idea of the project is relevant, and the experience and serious intentions of the team will ensure success. Ask questions and chat with developers in

Additional confirmation of the fact that trade is now the best way to earn money on cryptors became the results of the study of the Institute of OK-Ridge. Analysts calculated that for mining Bitcoin for $ 1 consumes almost