Ethereum rate fell to an annual minimum

In the last night, the price of ETN fell by more than 15% in relation to the dollar, setting a new minimum of 2018.

Throughout the entire year, the course of the ether’s course was descending, as in other cryptocurrency. At the time of writing the article, the cost fell by 80% of its maximum level of 2018 at $ 1,400. Over the past 24 hours, the coin lost more than 15%, reaching a minimum of $ 256. Now the market gradually tries to restore positions, but so far there are no significant reasons for this.

The rapid deterioration of the dynamics was determined by decentralized applications, most of which have failed in the current year. At the same time recently the most popular EOS, TRON and VECHAIN moved to their own blockchain. Additionally, the recession contributed to the strengthening of the dollar, which in recent days has established monthly maxima, which led to a decrease in the course of many leading assets, such as gold and euros.

At the moment, the price is at the level of the November minimum of 2017. Analysts say that in the medium term, growth is possible to $ 395, but the further breakthrough will open the path to $ 200 in the direction of the decline.

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