For 9 months, hackers stole almost $ 1 billion from cryptoche

The report of the analytical company Ciphertrace said that in the three quarters of 2018, as a result, kiberatak cryptocurrency exchanges lost at least $ 927 million.

Such an indicator is 2.5 times higher than last year, for which $ 266 million was stolen. Representatives of the company claim that the figures specified in the report are official data, but real losses are likely to 50% more. In addition, Ciphertrace knows about the theft by another $ 60 million, which was not reported.

According to the report, the number of not only large, but also «small» theft is from $ 20 to $ 60 million. For the third quarter, their size amounted to $ 173 million. However, a large share of losses falls on the hacking of Japanese CoinCheck, which has lost $ 532 million.

The company’s analysts also say that many cryptocreuses have not yet implemented effective PD / CFT mechanisms. According to their data, since 2009 with the help of Bitcoin (

The crypto industry is exposed not only to enhanced attention from hackers, but also many new miners. This led to increased competition, enhance Hesreite and