For purchases in cryptocurrency will pay money

Bitcoin is a popular means of payment on the Internet, however, in the case of cryptocurrencies, there was no one pleasant bonus in the form of cachek. Most users in the world of Fiat are already using the money back service, which is the «award» customer’s choice for choosing a store with a certain brand, returning them percentage of total prices.

Thanks to the cachemback, buying, everyone has the ability to return a certain part of the value of the goods back, which makes purchases more profitable. Often payments are from 1% to 10% of the total price, but in some cases you can see offers at 50% or more.

Now a new service has appeared on the market — coinback. It allows you to postpone the standard capabilities of cachek-services to work with cryptocurrencies. The system works quite simply (on the example of the GetCoinback service): you need to download the Google Chrome Coin Back extension and link it with the Bitcoin wallet. Then you can proceed to shopping. All technical nuances for the return of the value of the goods occur automatically.

The possibility of obtaining a piece of funds from buying back will create a base for stimulating purchasing activity: more shopping — higher demand for Bitcoin. Through the Keshbak services of cryptocurrency can get a new round of interest in himself.

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