Google will allow advertising of regulated cryptochegzh in the USA and Japan

Google announced that since October 2018, it will be allowed to advertise only regulated cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States and Japan. This step cancels the part of the publishing restrictions entered in June.

In the recent announcement of politics, it is also said that advertisers will need to go through the company’s certification procedure in Google for the country in which ads are planned. Starting from October, applications will be able to submit users of any country. However, restrictions on posting publications about primary places of coins (ICO) are still valid.

The search giant was one of several large technical companies that prohibited advertising associated with cryptocurrency. Google followed by Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft, which since February 2018 began to introduce such restrictions. They explained this in high level of risk in the market of virtual currencies and related products. Such a negative news background adversely affected the crypton, significantly reduced the capitalization.

Although the cryptomic is now experiencing not the best times, but it does not prevent the fourth largest financial company in the world Fidelity Investments