Hardfork Monero has passed successfully

The organizers of Monero reported the successful update of the cryptocurrency protocol to version 0.13.0, called Beryllium Bullet (beryllium bullet). Hardflow raised the confidentiality of transactions, reduced their volume, the commission and changed the POW algorithm to combat Bitmain offs.

Adding a unique function

Saving digital space led to a sharp drop in the complexity of the network, accelerating the closure of blocks and an increase in the effectiveness of mining. The blockchain registry now also occupies a much smaller methe on the hard disk.

After Bitmain has released a specialized ASIC, the MONERO team officially declared war equipment for industrial production. They decided to change the algorithm every six months, and at Beryllium Bullet updated the POW to the CNV2 version. The organizers refuse to transfer power over the project in the hands of large farms, as happened to Bitcoin. They want each user to be a family with the help of its CPU and GPU, and not enriched manufacturers.

So far, foreign developers seek to develop crypto industria, Russian industrialists