In Egypt, found another sphinx

The second Sphinx in Egypt was discovered during the construction of a new road. According to the local press, the location of the find became the road that combined two temples for another 1400 years before our era. Officials confirmed that the statue has a lion’s body with a human head.

The «second Sphinx» is not yet raised from the ground, however, according to officials, tourists can visit the place of reference now already excavations, and not construction to see an ancient statue. Find photos have not yet been published on the net.

Speaking of «Elder Brother» Finds: The Great Sphinx Giza was found on the West Bank of the Nile River. This is the oldest and most famous monumental sculpture in the world. Excavations first began in the complex of temples located within the ancient city of the Phili, back in 1884. This led to the emergence of a huge number of archaeological discoveries that were not dried up to 1960. During this period, the excavation time in the field ceased.

The word «Sphinx» translates as «Father of Fear». This is a mythical creature, as believed to resemble Pharaoh Hafra, who was the ruler of these lands. It is believed that Jedfra, the elder brother Hifera, built a sphinx in honor of his father Hofu.

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