In Europe, will begin to test Hyperloop

In Spain and France, plan to create platforms for testing projects of future high-speed Hyperloop transport systems.

Hyperloop is a new type of transport on a magnetic cushion moving in a forvacuum tube and able to develop speed up to 1 thousand km / h. The Spanish Government Agency ADIF has recently signed an agreement with Virgin Hyperloop One for the construction of a research center in the Andalusia region approximate value $ 500 million.

Its main task will be design, testing and certification of component elements of a high-speed vacuum vehicle system. The opening of the Center is scheduled for 2020, and to support the project of the government will be issued a loan of € 126 million to the developer.

A few days after the news from Spain, France received an application from Transpod to the creation of a three-kilometer test track of the Hyperloop in the south-west of the country. The commercial line is planned to be laid by 2030, and foreign investors have already passed € 50 million for its construction until the parties are actively negotiating and are interested in improving the reputation of the region.

It is expected that project launches in Spain and France will stimulate other EU countries to develop similar networks. The Virgin Hyperloop One Guide is very interested in the British market, but if London continues to develop a high-speed railway program, the Hyperloop can become irrelevant.