In India for 16 months, 31 launch of apparatuses in space will produce 31

India is ready to launch two space missions every month. Immediately 31 launch is scheduled for the next 16 months.

«The space agency has a tight schedule, compiled for several months ahead, as we are aimed at nine launches over the next five months and 22 mission from February to December 2019. We also decided on the launch of 50 satellites over the next three years, «said Journalists by the chairman of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) K. SUVAN. In general, ISRO is considering the possibility of 31 space flight within 16 months, starting from September 2018 to December next year.

The next ISRO mission will be the launch of two commercial satellites from the UK in September on board the Polar Satellite carrier missile (PSLV) C-42. Among key missions in the next few months: Launches in October GSAT-29 media rockets with a geosynchronous satellite (GSLV) MK 3 D2 to improve Internet access in rural areas of India and launch GSAT-11 November 30 on board the Arianespace space agency missile Guiana.

«We also planned the launch of GSAT-20 in August next year, which, along with three other satellites, will help in expanding the Internet connection in rural areas of India to 100 GB / s,» said K. SUVAN.

The space agency will begin to fulfill its second lunar mission «Chandraian-2» January 3, 10 years after the first mission implemented in 2008. In the first of its kind, ISRO initiative will also hold a test flight of his new small satellite carrier (SSLV) in May-June of the next year. SSLV will be used to launch small satellites weighing from 500 to 700 kg.

According to the representatives of the space industry, such an activity of India will help the country to stand in one row with industry leaders.

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