In Japan, patrol robots will begin to follow the rule of law

The Tokyo Research Institute of Industrial Technologies presented a robot patrol, which will follow the respect of the law enforcement in public places. The first samples will be scented at the railway station Sayu Sindzyuku next month.

The robot is equipped with a camcorder and built-in artificial intelligence. During the patrol, he is able to identify suspicious persons, objects or those who need medical care and send messages about them to smartphones of security staff. Its attention will first of all will attract objects that are long unattended for a long time, as well as potentially dangerous and sharp movements of people. For example, if a person will swing his hands, as if he wants to fight.

Development was called Perseusbot, in honor of the legendary hero of the Greek mythology of Perseus. While moving the robot patrol avoids obstacles and can move, focusing on braille tiles. Its dimensions are 167.5x61x90.5 cm. The first samples will be delivered to the train station Saibu Sinjuku to Tokyo until November 30 of this year.

The city administration expects Perseusbot to help not only increase the level of security on the eve of the 2020 Olympic Games, but also reduces the load on the security staff. In addition to the Tokyo Research Institute, 3 Private Companies participated in the project: Seibu Railway, Nihon Unisys and Ai Earth Eyes.

The Japanese technical giant Sony also seeks to increase the level of security, but in digital space. Recently, the company announced the creation of a multifunctional