In Malta, work continues to regulate cryptocurrency: new edits

Malta is trying to strengthen the glory of Cryptoostrov and the status of legally savvy jurisdiction in terms of regulation of cryptocurrency. The new edits are presented to the draft law on cryptocurrency.

The crypto community met this news without much enthusiasm, although the changes will become another improvement, which will create a truly healthy basis for relations with digital assets. It is known that the focus in editors was placed on the regulation of relations between issuers with a new financial instrument under the actual legislation of Malta.

A friendly atmosphere was formed on the island, and the regulator is actively in contact with the crypto community. MFSA calls on all interested parties to participate in the correction of regulatory policies, so that in the future Malta proposed the best conditions for working with digital assets.

The attractiveness of the conditions for working with cryptocurrencies in the framework of Malta’s jurisdiction was appreciated by major players. So, earlier we wrote about why Binance invests in the Maltese bank.