In November, the sixth stream of the Education Program «Blockchain for Lawyers» starts

Blockchain Lawyers announced the sixth stream of additional education program for lawyers «Legal Fundamentals and Legal Practices of Work with Cryptovaya and Blockchain Projects», which will begin on November 23, 2018.

The new stream will be considered in more detail the AML / KYC tools, the financing market, the FINTEKH scope, and the real business projects, the legislative regulation of the industry in Russia and other jurisdictions, law enforcement practice. In addition to theoretical classes, students expect practical tasks, business games, developing their own bills, exit events in the State Duma, Council of Federation of the Russian Federation, Mail.Ru Grup.

According to the managing partner of the legal company «Effective Business Resources» Alexander Zhuravleva, the passage of training will allow lawyers to work with product blockchain products. Now this area is not limited to ICO, cryptocurrency, exchanges, smart contracts, mining, it already affects the introduction of the blockchain to the public sector and business.

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