In Ohio, these blockchas have endowed legal force

Ohio State Governor John Kashich signed a bill that officially emphasizes the data recorded on the blockchain and using electronic signatures.

Recently, US politicians often raise the adoption of basic cryptocurrency and transactions technology. Approval of the document enshrines the legitimate status of digital data and allows them to be used in court. Ohio’s authorities expect innovation to help attract investments and create jobs. They consider it necessary to maintain innovations, new technologies, and the blockchain is called a step forward on the way to achieving these goals.

Previously, two other American states (Vermont and Arizona) recognized the transactions at the blockchain and registers at the legislative level. The incentive was the increasing cases of the use of peer-to-peer networks in regional legal issues. The Ohio administration now positions its staff as one of the leading countries of the United States in the field of financial services.

In Russia, increase the level of legal awareness in the field of blockchain from September 14 within