In Russia, they will create a judicial authority to solve digital disputes

Since 2019, a special board in the Arbitration Center under RSPP will begin with the decision of disputes in the digital economy. The creation of the structure is due to the insufficient competence of existing ships, the impossibility of protecting the business in the context of global digitalization and the lack of necessary legal mechanisms.

The board will be authorized to solve disputes related to the rights recorded in the blockchain, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, ICO, other digital assets, rights, services, IA, robotics and other related directions.

Participants note that the last four years none of 148 cases in this area have been resolved in favor of the plaintiff. At the same time, almost half of the fixed disputes are associated with smart contracts and cryptocurrency. According to experts, the further distribution of ICO will lead to the fact that until 2025, digital affairs will be 40 times more.

Elina Sidorenko believes that the existing judicial systems are not able to solve such issues due to the lack of necessary legislative and legal norms, and cannot use digital technologies as evidence. Creating a new structure is simply necessary for further protection of business interests. In addition, it notes the lack of qualified personnel in this area, capable of focusing in the peculiarities of this sphere.

Earlier we reported that in November the sixth stream of education program starts