International startup Aerum attracted $ 1 million from Russian investors to the development of the blockchain protocol

The Aerum International Startup, which created a platform for decentralized blockchain applications, attracted $ 1 million from private investors in Sergey Paramonov and Rostislav Kishenkov. Also, the founder of the project Alexander Randarevich participated in the round.

Money is aimed at creating a developer consortium to run the AERUM protocol. The project united specialists from the USA, Ireland, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe.

Aerum ─ new generation of financial blocks. The Aerum product consumers will be decentralized communities and organizations based on P2P payments, programmable economies, microplates and social loans. Startup provides full and ready-to-use infrastructure to create and use decentralized applications (DAPPS) for B2B and B2C. The project uses cross-network decentralized atomic swaps for routine exchange of assets with other blocks through the Aerum wallet. Users can make transactions within one network or seamlessly with other networks.

Aerum transactions at a speed above the Ethereum speed of 30-50 times. The platform provides a 2-second block time and 5-second transaction transactions in real time. Aerum allows further scaling due to the creation of additional networks using the same mechanism of decentralized consensus, which allows you to achieve bandwidth in 100,000 transactions per second and more.

One of the first partners Aerum was the CINDX project — this is a trading platform or a hub where you can find a high rating trader whose effectiveness is confirmed on the blockchain. Traders receive a client base to increase income, as well as marketer for selling investment products. In terms of Marketplates, the Aerum protocol allows CINDX to carry out transactions with a zero commission for 5 seconds.

In early October, an agreement was signed with the project VERACITY. Both teams conduct test work on the integration of the Aerum protocol with Veracity. The VERACITY decentralized protocol checks and protects physical assets throughout their life cycle. The project protects against fakes and fraud in various industries and provides accurate and consistent information at each stage of the product life cycle. The project is the leader in the protection market of art objects from the fake with the blockchain.

CEO project Alexander Randarevich since 2000 worked in Fintech as a developer, product manager, architect, and then a strategist. In particular, he held CTO in the international financial startup Rahaxi for 7 years. In his baggage, Randarevich has experience in working on projects in collaboration with SEB, Wirecard, Natixis and other large banks.

The project currently conducts a campaign for further financing in the framework of the private accommodation phase and is preparing for the launch of public crowdfunding in the WHITE PAPER mode.