Launched StableCoin, tied to pound sterling


According to Benjamin Daivis, the general director of the company, the emission of the cryptophunt will be completed over the next 10 days. It is expected that the main scope of LBXPEG will be over-the-counter transactions in the local market, then it will be started to use partner exchanges that do not work with the fiatat, as well as issuers of dexcated securities for dividend payments.

The organizers seek to attract the UK cryptotreers, so they promise an absolutely transparent audit of operations, management structures and distribution charts, that is, to consider all the main factors of Critics USDT. Stability will also be provided at the expense of additional integrated tools, such as the distribution of dividends of the company between shareholders using smart-contracts based on Ethereum.

At first, the cryptofunt will begin to function in the form of the ERC-621 (Variations ERC-20), which will provide it with flexibility. However, in the future it is planned to translate it to another blockchain, which fully meets the requirements of auditors.

In Europe, they are all friendly to refer to cryptocurrency, but not only representatives of crypto industry are facilitated, but also government officials. Recently, the Malta Prime Minister at the UN meeting called Cryptovaya