Listing on CoinBase brought Ethereum Classic 15% growth

Ethereum Classic has shown an excellent growth of 15% after publishing a news from Coinbase about the start of working with cryptocurrent.

The news appeared a few days after Coinbase confirmed the completion of the «Rebalance» of its index fund. It is thanks to the introduction of the adjustment before representatives of the Exchange, it was possible to enable ETC. It is noteworthy that earlier the coin became available on the Coinbase Pro platform, which is a new professional interface of the company built over the existing GDAX trading engine.

The news also paid attention, because thanks to the inclusion of ETC in the Coinbase listing, the users have opened the opportunity to work with a coin from screens from their mobile devices.

The takeoff (yellow rectangle) against the background of a positive news background was supported by a previously formed double bottom (marked with green oval). Now the crypto community expects some correction, since the price was able to break out the previously constructed trajectory of the stroke. Considering further prospects, it should be noted that the coin in any case remains under the blink of Bitcoin and other more heavily altcoins.

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