MAP technology will allow you to look into the past

The MAP Platform project plans to change the approach to global mapping, creating a high-precision and current three-dimensional map of the world so that anyone can gain access to a single digital presentation of the physical space in the present and even past.

Geolocation and cards have always been satellites of our life, but now we are increasingly using programs and applications for searching, planning trips, entertainment, determining the location of loved ones, emergency alerts or purchases of goods.

One of the most important functions of the project will be the construction of complex air and ground routes, the use of high-precision coordinates and ready-made volumetric models for recreating real world objects from various periods. This information will allow you to return to any point of time.

With Map Platform Application developers, architects, construction companies, mapping services will be able to create and implement new services that cannot be used today with GPS, Wi-Fi or other similar tracking technologies. The team expects the product to be interested in large corporations and will be integrated into agriculture, routing, gasket and optimization of routes for drones, ground vehicles, logistics systems, virtual and complemented reality.

After the formation of the concept and set of the team of specialists, the project began collecting funds for the development of the platform. ICO MAP will be completed on November 30, 2018, but until October 24, there is a pre-sale of tokens, during which a 30% bonus has a minimum investment amount of 0.5 Eth. The cost of the tokens is 1000 MPLT = 1 ETH. Tocken holders will be the only recipients of profits from placing advertising and any other information in the volume model of the world of the MAP platform.