Mars will become the source of rare rocket fuel components

The researchers found that many rare chemical compounds (perchlorats) are naturally formed on Mars, which are one of the main components of rocket fever, explosives and fertilizers.

Scientists have discovered a huge number of perchlorates in the soil of the Red Planet, five years ago, but only now they found out why there are so many of them. During numerous experiments, they found that rare compounds are formed due to strong electric fields that generate huge Martian dust storms. They are so powerful that they destroy the gas molecules in the planet’s atmosphere, thus stimulating chemical reactions.

In order to detect the cause, researchers had to reproduce the terms of global Martian dust storms, the atmosphere and soil. In such a medium, part of the gases instantly turned into highly active, positively charged molecules. Over time, they began to react with solid elements, forming a mass of chlorides and perchlorides.

According to estimates of astrophysics, on Mars naturally, 10 million times of rare rocket fuel components are formed than on Earth. Astrobiologists also became interested in these compounds, arguing that some types of microbes could eat them.

Perhaps in the future, the Red Planet will become the main platform for sending space missions, and fuel will be made on fully automated factories with artificial intelligence, similar to the one