Microsoft will offer two new products on the blockchain

Microsoft published

The first project is an encrypted information storage. This is a certain identification center, which is a combination of personal devices of users and the Azure cloud platform. It is assumed that in the repository, people will be able to post data and a third party will need permission to receive access to them. This can drastically change the current situation when private information is constantly distributed without the knowledge of users.

Another product will be an application similar not to a wallet, with which, among other things, you can use to manage permissions to your data with the ability to cancel them as desired.

Both developments are based on blockchain and decentralized identifiers (DID) with open source. Unlike traditional, they are not tied to the phone number or descriptor, therefore are always controlled by the user. Products will be present

Microsoft seeks to offer a single compatible ecosystem, which will allow developers and companies to create new products, applications and services. Specific periods of implementation are not specified.

Another alibaba giant also plans to submit its own blockchain option by adding