Miners plan to translate into self-employed

Kripotynivers, which is part of Rakib, turned to the first Deputy Prime Minister Anton Siluanov with a proposal to assign the status of self-employed and reduce NDFL size for them from 13% to 3-5%,

President Rakib, Yuri Sipaccin, says that the release of the shadow sector is necessary for further development and attracting investments in this direction. In addition to tax privileges, participants are proposed to form a legal way to transfer virtual currency to rubles. The initiators believe that it will increase the level of the state control, will make it possible to make income miners to legal and increase budget revenues.

Specialists «Cryptovynivers» say that now in the Russian Federation there are at least 350 thousand individuals engaged in cryptocurrency mining.

Due to the lack of legal conversion schemes, participants are forced to use shadow, which daily leads to a loss of the state about 2 billion rubles of potential tax revenues. According to Rakib, the loading of free power companies will be able to annually bring the economy to 1.7 trillion rubles of income. However, before the adoption of laws regulating crypto economy, any proposals cannot move.

So far, in Russia try to create favorable conditions for miners,