Morgan Stanley acknowledged the cryptocurracy of the institutional class of assets

After studying the latest trends in the virtual currency market, the Morgan Stanley analytical department came to the conclusion that cryptocurrencies are now related to the institutional class of assets.

The report of the major American bank holding focuses on the fact that Bitcoin is digital money, and investors are confident in it, as in the way to solve the problems of the existing financial system. According to researchers, hedge funds, large venture companies and private investors have invested in cryptocurrency more than $ 7.1 billion.

They also celebrate a stable growth in interest from institutional organizations to this area. The report mentions that large investors are increasingly investing in crypto industry, startup blockchain and open their own units offering customers related to virtual assets.

However, analysts indicate the three main problems in this area: the uncertainty of legislative regulation, the lack of controlled custodial solutions, the lack of economic institutions in this space.

The authors of the report paid attention to the growing tendency to use stelkopins. They associate this with the fact that many exchanges do not support Fiat, so traders who, against the background of decline in courses, want to get out of cryptoms, use assets as close as possible to physical currency. Working with them does not require passage through the bank, which reduces the costs of operations. In their opinion, that is why many startups began to launch their own stable coins, which marks the next wave of market development.

The participation of large business in Crypto industry is connected not only with the benefits, but also by periodically emerging disagreements. Therefore, in Russia since 2019 will begin to act