NASA plans to put on an anabiosis of astronauts of Martian expeditions

Spaceworks received funding from NASA to study the possibility of immersion in an anabiotic sleep for two weeks of the body of the cosmonauts of future Martian missions.

A safe deceleration of vital activity is planned to achieve by lowering the body temperature of about 5 degrees Celsius. Controlled hypothermia will cause a state of sleep, in which metabolism will slow down by 50-70%, which will lead to a decrease in oxygen consumption and other resources. The process looks like a winter hibernation from bears. Special pharmaceutical preparations will be applied to achieve such an effect.

In addition to the fact that cosmonauts will reduce the period of their activity from 8 months to several weeks, Anabiosis will help to avoid muscle atrophy, it is better to resist radiation and even treat some injuries. Reducing consumption and number of awake crew will reduce the quantity of cargo transported, equipment, reduce living space and the spacecraft itself, which will make the flight more efficient and less expensive.

Representatives of SpaceWorks say that after two-week anabiosis, travelers will awaken for several days, and then repeat the cycle again until the arrival at Mars. They say that today it is the most likely way of simultaneous movement of hundreds of people at such long distances. However, researchers still have to solve the problem of low gravity, which human body reacts poorly.

In addition to the colonization of new planets, NASA plans to start